Rep/Select Coach Registration (TNT Baseball Association)

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2022 TNT Thunder Coaching/Trainer Information

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Coach forms that require sign-off - follow this link:  Libraries > Coach Forms (TNT Baseball Association)
Download, sign and email completed forms to [email protected] and the Director of Rep/Select

Rep-Select Coach Responsibilites - TNTBA
Rep-Select Coach Code of Conduct - TNTBA
Coach Code of Conduct - Concussion - OBA
Concussion Resource Sign-Off - Coach - OBA

Basic Coaching Requirements Rep

Complete the online module and sign up for clinics at 

Coaches require different levels of certification depending on the level of competition and age group coached - click on the appropriate age group to be redirected to the OBA website under "What Do I Need?"


8U and 9U Coaches (Rep)

10U and 11U Coaches (Rep)

12U and 13U Coaches (Rep)

14U and 15U Coaches (Rep)

16U - 18U Coaches (Rep)


Select Coach Requirements

Rowan's Law Forms
Can be found on the OBA website under ONDeck (you will need to create a log-in for ONDeck)
ALL coaches must be familiar with these - just follow this link:
Baseball Ontario ONDeck | Concussion Management

Concussion Management
Concussion Protocols
Concussion Education by age of Learner
Signs of a Concussion
Conccusion Recongnition Chart
Baseball Ontario ONDeck | Concussion Management | Concussions - this is a link to a VLog with Baseball Canada

In addition to these, there are some forms under our Library Section - Rowan's Law which include:
Code of Conduct - Coaches - Concussion
OBA Designated Person Policy
OBA Removal from Sport Policy
Incident Report Form
Medical Clearance Form
Athlete Code of Conduct
Concussion Resource Sign-Off - Coaches